Coordination and Graduation Strategy Batu City Family Hope Program

 Coordination and Graduation Strategy Batu City Family Hope Program

One of the efforts to maximize the graduation in 2020, the pensoskab (peksos supervisor) of the Batu City Hope Family Program with social assistants is to synergize communication with village officials, stakeholders, agencies, bhabinkamtibnas.

It is hoped that this coordination can be used by village officials through the information of their residents as input for the assessment of beneficiary families of the Family Hope Program in Batu City to make it more targeted.

In-depth interview technique with village officials, Bhabinkamtibnas found effective solutions to reduce poverty and maximize the graduation of the Batu City Family Hope Program.

Village officials, bhabinkamtibnas are invited to a family capacity building meeting (p2k2) next month, in between these activities they are given opportunities to socialize and identify beneficiary families who are in the well-off category, have a business and the like to resign from joining the Harapan Family Program, to make it more appropriate target

On the occasion of the coordination with the social assistant, Fifi S, there was one of the beneficiary families of the Batu City Family Hope Program who resigned (graduation).

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