Enhancing Immunity by Developing Hobbies in Pandemic Times

Enhancing Immunity by Developing Hobbies in Pandemic Times

During the pandemic, keeping in mind health protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining distance are guidelines to avoid the spread of Covid 19. The benefits will be felt by all parties, of course.

There are positive behavioral changes or trends that have recently been found in society in responding to the Covid 19 pandemic, including developing a hobby to increase immunity or increase immunity by developing a hobby.

People have recently been found developing a hobby of exercising by cycling, for example. From children to adults on holidays or even mornings and afternoons we can easily find them spending a small part of their time cycling, of course, interesting. Bicycle sellers are also getting rizqi from the blessing of increasing sales of bicycles for sports.

"Cycling is one of the hibi that appears during a pandemic"
Pandemic Hobby

Hobbies during a pandemic can also be developed according to their respective preferences. In social work there is a name called individualization, that is, each human being is unique and has his own characteristics.

There are hobbies that have developed towards sports activities such as cycling, jogging in the morning, running. In addition, there are not a few developing hobbies towards a passion for cooking or pursuing the culinary world, the economy by buying and selling both offline and online, writing an activity in various forms.

This hobby, if it is developed actively, will have a positive impact and this is our provision to increase our immunity by creating and working with attention to health protocols of course.

Let's start now to be part of increasing immunity by developing a hobby. Let's work and be useful for the people.

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