Environmental Hygiene and Health

Environmental Hygiene and Health

The rainy season has arrived, the plants look fresh and green again. The sound of a rain drizzle can be heard in his ears like a continuous melody.

Rain is a blessing from Allah Subhahu Wataala. Plants also began to show freshness. The water discharge also increases due to the intensity of the rain. The arid land becomes fertile for growing plants.

Cleanliness and environmental health are the needs of everyone everywhere. Starting from it will raise a family, a healthy community, the hope of the nation's generation.

Cleanliness and environmental health are influenced by human behavior. If you dispose of garbage in its place, for example, during the rainy season the water overflows of rivers and gutters will appear small, littering the streets. Floods also become visible on the news when human waste piles up the streams of water.

Cleanliness and environmental health is a shared responsibility, especially oneself.

The benefits of cleanliness and environmental health will return to oneself and the environment.

Let's get used to maintaining cleanliness and environmental health.

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