Home Outreach and Education of Beneficiary Families


Home Outreach and Education of Beneficiary Families



One of the educational activities carried out by social assistants and peksos supervisors of the Batu City Family Hope Program is by visiting the beneficiary's family.

The location of the recipient family of the Batu City Family Hope Program lives in Tulungrejo, Bumiaji District, the location is mountains past the Selecta tourist spot.

The purpose of home visits is to educate beneficiary families who do not attend the family capacity building (P2K2) meeting, even though the once-a-month meeting is the obligation of the beneficiary family to gain knowledge about the material and sessions delivered by the social assistant of Bumiaji Mei sub-district.

For approximately one hour, the home visit gets an assessment from the beneficiary family, among others, because there are important personal needs and the like.

Peksos supervisor together with the social assistant of Bumiaji Mei District, reminded and educated by using in-depth interview techniques and using the method of individual social guidance (social case work). Said that individual social guidance is a method of assistance directed at encouraging and displaying individual abilities and also needing to try to minimize environmental pressure on him (BRENNAN & PARKER).


The objectives of the social case work can be specified as follows:

a1. Helping clients who are directed to encourage and improve abilities and if necessary reduce environmental pressure on him

b2. Mobilization of the abilities contained in individuals and existing resources in the appropriate community to help the individual solve any problems he or she faces in everyday social life.

c3. Helping individuals to more effectively solve problems related to their social function.

Beneficiary families are required to attend family capacity building meetings, use of non-cash social assistance from the Family Hope Program for their two children who are still in school.

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