Honing the Profession through Organization

 Honing the Profession through Organization

The Professional Social Worker (Peksos) profession may be a profession that is rarely heard in the community at large. Sometimes the Social Worker profession might be confused with people who work to provide assistance or assistance or we often hear the term volunteer. There is nothing wrong with that opinion or thing, but it is also not completely true.

Profession itself is essentially a job which has met certain terms and conditions so that people become confident and trust the person who does the job. Meanwhile, Social Workers, according to W.A. Friedlander (1967) is “a professional social service that is based on knowledge and skills in human relations to help a person or group to achieve personal and social satisfaction and freedom.

If based on the above definition, the Professional Social Worker profession must be filled by people who have taken formal education at higher education institutions, so that the process of assistance / services provided is in accordance with what is needed, both by individuals, communities, and institutions / institutions. .

Profession in the field of social work cannot be carried out as long as it is done. For implementation there are theories, methods and skills that are practiced. There is a "body of knowledge" knowledge, skills and values ​​that are very thick for social workers, social welfare workers to observe.

The provincial board of directors since the first musda 1 was formed on December 4, 2014 at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang Dome, has attempted to formulate several organizational work which are compiled through field work programs. One year the management of the Regional Representative Council of the Indonesian Professional Social Workers Association (IPSPI) has compiled and implemented several strategic activities which are expected to be able to answer the meaning and existence of this professional organization in East Java province.

Currently the East Java IPSPI membership is spread across 38 districts and cities in East Java and seen from their educational background, all have received higher education. Someone who has adequate education or knowledge can be said to be intellectual. An intellectual takes a role in human life to build civilization.

In scientific and professional development, currently the social worker profession as well as social work science or social welfare are experiencing dynamic and significant developments, both at the Indonesian level and at the global level. This year, IPSPI East Java has responded to several important issues.

One of them is related to how to position the social worker profession as part of the human rights defender. In this context IPSPI East Java conveyed to the public that social workers are human rights workers who are as serious as human rights guards.

Likewise at the 2016 IPSPI congress in Yogyakarta, IPSPI East Java conveyed the idea of ​​the need to change the position of IPSPI as an organization that is truly a professional organization including commemorating the social work day social worker day 2016, in which IPSPI East Java held public in several place in East Java where this is the only one in Indonesia and this is the first time IPSPI has organized a campaign to the public with a different model and way from the previous year.

The program so far, since IPSPI was founded, has been divided into two parts, namely the first is related to professional development, member services and member protection. For example holding technical guidance, facilitation of professional certification competency tests, issuing membership cards, professional workshops, advocacy, delegating members / administrators to participate in activities carried out by other institutions either as narcotics, facilitators or participants.

Second, building networks and responding to problems, for example following the IPSPI congress in Yogyakarta, commemorating social worker day, responding to cases and assisting cases, encouraging the establishment of the Indonesia Safe House (Insafh).

Membership achievements, the realization of professional East Java social workers, are based on various requests from members in East Java to hasten the existence of professional qualifications of social workers, especially in East Java who are professionally competitive in implementing social work practices.

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