Peksos Supervisor Coaching Social Assistance

 Peksos Supervisor Coaching Social Assistance

At the beginning of each month to improve the skills of social assistance social assistance supervisors coaching family development session (fds) social companion Bumiaji, Junrejo and Batu Districts.

Peksos supervisors provide human resources for the Batu City Hope Family Program independently in the skills aspect before starting to provide family development sessions to groups (beneficiary families).

The Keluarga Harapan Program is one of the keys to the success of beneficiary families diligently attending family development sessions (FDS) and the aim is to increase the knowledge and awareness of PKH participants about the importance of education and health in improving the quality of family life in the future.

Social work is a professional activity to help individuals, groups and society in increasing or improving their capacity to function socially and to create conducive social conditions to achieve these goals (Zastrow, 1999 in Sukoco (1991). This means that a professional social worker will direct the form of intervention is to improve social functioning and independence of individuals, groups and communities that are the target of its services.

Through family development sessions (meetings to improve family abilities) is a social case work practice. Social case work is a process to help individuals achieve an adjustment with one another and adjustments between individuals and their social environment. Social case work is a well-organized method to help people to help themselves and is aimed at improving, improving and strengthening social functioning (Rex A Skidmore).

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