Recognizing Symptoms of Depression

Recognizing Symptoms of Depression

Depression according to the definition of kkbi is a mental disorder in a person characterized by deteriorating feelings (such as gloomy, sadness, depressed feelings);

Various activities, the demands of activities and the surrounding environment have the potential to create a competitive trend with one another.

This condition is one of the reasons for the chaotic changes in a person's psychology and even new trends in behavior, including those with negative not positive implications.

The following are symptoms of depression

1. Difficulty sleeping

2. Exhaustion

3. Withdrawing from Social Interaction

4. Sadness

5. Changes in Appetite and Weight Loss 6. Difficult to focus

7. Stress

8. Physical Pain

Tips for dealing with depression

1. Read Al Quran for Muslims

Reading the Quran is the right choice, because there is a lot of goodness in each letter. These holy verses are a reminder of the great variety of Allah Subhanahu Wataala. Through the Quran the heart will be attached to the divine power of where humans come from and where after death, the purpose of humans was created, namely to worship Him.

Getting used to reading the Quran makes the heart calm and comfortable, calm. Please try reading it after Fajr or any time. God willing, depression will disappear.

2. Dialogue with the counselor, family

Dialogue or share information becomes a separate space to avoid depression. Do it for people who have knowledge, trust and attention to solve depression problems.

3. Recreation or Outing

Recreation or sightseeing is an option to avoid depression. Visiting the open and experiencing many mountains and natural scenery is a powerful way to get rid of depression.

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