Snacking during a Pandemic

 Snacking during a Pandemic

Come on, snacking is the favorite of most people. It's easy for someone from children to adults to snack. Students, students snack at leisure while doing assignments.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, it is one of the culinary choices at home every time, namely snacking. Consuming food and / or accompanied by soft drinks can be a snack or fruit.

Snacking and its benefits

1. Better nutrition is available

Nutrition is part of the needs of everyone from children to adults. Nutrition can be obtained by snacking from mild to heavy.

2. Make it easy to get extra energy

Through snacking, energy will increase more than enough because of the intake of food consumed.

3. Make it easy to come up with new inspiration and ideas

Snacking sometimes inspires new ideas because not snacking can help make breakthroughs and prevent thinking blocks.

4. Avoid food shortages

Snacking is a complement to carbohydrates and others, automatically avoiding lack of nutritional intake.

However, it reminds readers that snacking should be adjusted according to their needs, meaning that it is not less and not excessive, aka moderate.

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