Supervision and Monitoring of Family Capacity Building Meetings

 Supervision and Monitoring of Family Capacity Building Meetings

Every family has the hope that the next generation will have a better future. Education is a long term investment for a generation. Taking higher education allows a generation to be able to access better quality.

Family capacity building meetings for the Family Hope Program every month allow beneficiary families to gain knowledge that can be practiced in daily family life.

The form of the material presented has been prepared by the social assistant according to the assessment needs of both the beneficiary family sessions and modules.

Education and Home Child Care

Are two sides that always appear side by side in the family. Education is part of childcare while parenting is an important part of forming a family.

Home Education and Child Care Materials

Some of the materials presented by the social assistant included being better parents by providing positive care and affection for children, secondly cooperation in education and parenting, third avoiding conflicts in front of children.

The role of the special duty social assistant

The social assistant has a special task of providing education and monitoring the implementation of family capacity building meetings for the Family Hope Program, educational materials and childcare.

Childcare is always encountered by families in various elements of society wherever they are. The care is always carried out by the parents, either by the mother or by the closest family. The process starts when children are born. It takes many forms, from affection, attention to children's nutrition, child development and the like.

During the meeting to increase the capacity of Laila's assisted families in Pendem Village, Junrejo District, the beneficiary families of the Family Hope Program seemed enthusiastic about participating and recording the material presented for approximately one hour and thirty minutes. In addition, it appears that the children are invited by the parents of beneficiary families to attend routine activities on a monthly basis in the new normal era.

Family Capacity Building Meeting, Child Care and Education Materials at Home

Starting a meeting to increase family abilities in a new normal nuance. Precisely in Junrejo District, Batu City, Chychy is one of the human resources implementing the Family Hope Program.

Family Capacity Building Meeting (p2k2) Family Hope Program begins with three meetings held regularly every month.

Child care and education at home

The material presented was a module on child care and education at home with a discussion of being great parents.

There are several topics that are delivered, including tips on how to become a great parent. Study the material in it, which is in line with words and deeds, remembering good and happy things, parenting with affectionate words and staying away from violence.

Discussion of beneficiary families of the Family Hope Program

Interesting things from the three locations for the family capacity building program for the Family Hope Program in the Junrejo District, Batu City, namely the discussion and dialogue on child care and education problems in the family. There are various stories among beneficiary families of the Family Hope Program.

The other side, in the new normal era, the small talk technique was also carried out by social assistants with special assignments in initiating dialogues with beneficiary families for subsequent structured interviews regarding child care and education materials at home.

Tools used in the family capacity building meeting included a flipchaft module for childcare and education at home.

Each beneficiary family has the ability to share experiences and care for children at home according to their respective age levels, here the social assistant practices one of the values ​​of individualization.

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