Supervision of Children, Important?

Supervision of Children, Important?

Children are an asset of a nation's relay generation. Starting from it, the civilization of a country is influenced by human resources or human capital, one of which is besides other supporting factors.

The good and bad of the nation's generation are influenced by the formation of children's education in a family. The need for attention to children becomes the starting door for hope to build and shape them.

Children are the nation's generation from the time they are in the womb to the age of 18. Family guidance and direction in which there are parents is of course the focal point.

Parental supervision of children is an important need and concern that cannot be underestimated, its existence is underestimated. The family is the main home for parental education and supervision because most of the time it is formed in the family.

The care and education of children in which supervision is inseparable, the choice of a child's social environment can be influenced by parental direction and upbringing.

No matter how busy parents are, they need to continue to pay attention to the supervision of their children. Supervision does not mean limiting children, but provides space for children to discuss parental direction and guidance.

After their children go to school the children will return to their families and parents. This is a powerful recipe to instill moral virtue and education for children.

Hopefully a great child with character results from the controlled supervision of parents at home.

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