The Importance of a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle

 The Importance of a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle

Hopefully this material can make awareness to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) is all health behavior that is carried out because of personal awareness so that the family and all members are able to help themselves in the health sector and have an active role in community activities.

A clean and healthy lifestyle is basically an attempt to transmit experiences about healthy lifestyles through individuals, groups or the wider community using communication channels as a medium for sharing information.

Benefits of Clean and Healthy Living Behavior

There are many ways to start a healthy life, one of which is to apply personal hygiene starting at home.

A clean and healthy lifestyle application can also help you and those around you avoid common diseases caused by viruses and germs.

1. Body Health Benefits

Every day you come into contact with lots of germs and viruses. Applying a simple healthy lifestyle such as washing hands, brushing teeth, cleaning the room, etc. can prevent you from the dangers of certain diseases. In general, staying clean can make you healthier.

2. Benefits in the Social Environment

If you adopt a clean lifestyle, you will look healthier and more attractive. It will give a good impression in the social environment. On the other hand, if you are not clean you may receive bad stigma and social harm.

3. Benefits of Psychology

A healthy body reflects a healthy person. Having a healthy body will support your appearance and increase your confidence, which in turn may also affect your psychological condition.

How to Apply a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle at Home

A clean and healthy lifestyle can be applied in simple ways and starting from your home environment. The following is how to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle at home, namely:

1. Apply the habit of washing hands

2. Keeping the toilet clean

3. Maintain oral and dental hygiene

4. Maintain body hygiene

5. Keeping the room clean

6. Maintain cleanliness when you are sick

7. Keeping nails clean

8. Do not smoke in the house

9. Eradicating mosquito larvae

10. Maintain clean hair

11. Implement a healthy diet

12. Regular exercise

The Importance of Running a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle

The second principle of a balanced diet is the importance of a clean lifestyle. A balanced nutritious diet will be useless if it is not followed by the application of principles and habits of clean living, such as:

1. Wash your hands before eating with clean water and soap.

2. Serve food in a closed state so that insects / flies do not attack them.

3. Cook meals at the right temperature so that germs die.

4. Washing vegetables and fruits thoroughly, and (5) keeping food and drinks from being contaminated by heavy metals.

Included in a clean lifestyle is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, such as avoiding smoking, alcohol and things that can endanger health. Perform immunization or vaccination as directed. The principle of a clean lifestyle in Balanced Nutrition supports the environmental health program known as the PHBS program. To achieve the vision of a Healthy Indonesia, the Center for Health Promotion, Ministry of Health has made community empowerment efforts by socializing the importance of PHBS at the household level.

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