Using Two Masks

Using Two Masks

The period of the Covid 19 pandemic has not ended. Even the increase in patients exposed to the virus occurred in Indonesia. Some areas such as Java, for example, to anticipate a wider spread, implemented policies to impose restrictions on community activities (pkmm).

Guidelines remain disciplined by paying attention to health protocols to be an integral part of course. The practice can be using masks, maintaining distance, washing hands as well as staying away from the crowd, maintaining immunity and faith is important for all people.

Although vaccines have started to be given and distributed by the government. The public must always be disciplined towards health protocols.

Education still uses online or online media during the pandemic, even though at several levels of education there are already enrolled, such as high school level, but the number is still limited and learning hours as well.

There is also an interesting trend regarding the use of masks, such as wearing two masks to maximize the spread of covid.

"Using two masks might be a sensible idea if the mask's filtration capabilities were not that strong," said researcher Scott Segal MD, as reported by Health, Friday (15/1).

The use of masks should be according to health standards, for example, the layer of masks is preferably two or three layers. Of course, the comfort aspect of the mask form is the choice of some people, of course, in the new normal era.

Using a mask is the right choice in times of a pandemic, starting to discipline yourself and your family to reflect a disciplined lifestyle.

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