Validation and Home Visit for the Family Hope Program

Validation and Home Visit the Family Hope Program

The Ministry of Social Affairs' Family of Hope Program in early 2021 will increase the number of potential beneficiary families. One of the steps for potential recipient families is to conduct initial meetings and validate their data. Several numbers of potential beneficiary families were visited to match and verify data on the components of education, health and social welfare.

The purpose of validation is to ensure that potential beneficiary families are right on target, including paying attention to data on the components of education, health and social welfare. Education, for example, interviewing their children whether they go to school, what level of education is the school. Then what are the criteria for children but not going to school? So like this does not enter the educational component.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has regulated the requirements for membership as a beneficiary family in a Family Hope Program, including the membership period.

Some of the houses visited will be found several things such as the terrain, whether it is moderate, light or even heavy, for example. In addition, the economic conditions of the prospective beneficiary families will appear to be in the prosperous category or really need the non-cash social assistance. Even the elderly are the attention of the state in a family with criteria that have been determined according to the rules of the Family Hope Program.

The size of each component is different for each beneficiary family of the Family Hope Program. The maximum number of components entered is four components.

Through this validation, it is aimed at the prospective beneficiary family of the Family Hope Program to be right on target because home visits can minimize and obtain complementary data, both village and sub-district officials and even other equipment (mfdc).

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