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Listening to Soybean Info

 Listening to Soybean Info

One of the many spreads that exist in the COVID-19 problem in Indonesia is through family members themselves.

Early January then the COVID-19 Task Force said the family cluster was one of the clusters that contributed the highest number

because it is also difficult to practice keeping your distance at home.

Not only that, health protocols tend not to be applied because family members feel in good health when they meet them.

The Ministry of Trade announced the estimated prices of tofu and tempeh for the period of February 2021. The estimated price was announced because there was still an increase in imported soybeans as the main raw material for these products.

The Director General of Domestic Trade, Syailendra, emphasized that so far the soybean stock has been universally sufficient to meet national needs. Therefore, the creation of tahu and tempe will certainly continue to exist.

"Soybeans will always exist and the industry of know-how and tempe craftsmen will continue to produce to meet the needs of residents in the midst of rising prices for imported soybeans," he said as quoted from a written explanation, Monday, February 1, 2021.

Launching information from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Syailendra said, the world price of soybeans in December 2020 was still at US $ 13.12 per bushels for supply in January 2021.

At present, the cost has increased 4.42 percent to USD 13.7 per bushels for providing soybeans in February. Even so, it is hoped that world soybean prices will be corrected quickly in the next period.

For Syailendra, currently the price of imported soybeans at the level of tofu and tempe craftsmen is universally located in the range of IDR 9. 100- Rp9. 200 per kilogram. There is also an estimated price of imported soybeans in February to be around Rp. 9. 500 per kilogram at the level of tofu and tempe craftsmen.

Thus, he continued, there would be an adjustment to the tofu price from Rp. 600 per piece to Rp. 650 per piece and the price of tempeh which was Rp. 15. 000 per kilogram, so it's around Rp. 16. 000 per kilogram.

"Price adjustments to know and tempeh in the market are things that cannot be avoided. This is because most of Indonesia's soybean needs are still packed through imports and are influenced by world soybean price movements, "said Syailendra.

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