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Here are 6 Natural Herbal Medicines to Relieve Gout, Easily Found in the Environment

Here are 6 Natural Herbal Medicines to Relieve Gout, Easily Found in the Environment
Here are 6 Natural Herbal Medicines to Relieve Gout, Easily Found in the Environment

Gout is a typical disease in the joints. This condition can cause symptoms of unbearable pain, swelling, and burning sensation in the joint area.

In addition to medical drugs, gout can actually be overcome by various herbs or traditional medicines that can be found everyday. Approximately, what herbal remedies can be used to treat gout? Here are six traditional herbs to treat gout as summarized from various sources.

1. Ginger

One of the spices that can be used to treat gout is ginger. Ginger is not only used for food flavoring but can also be used to treat gout. You can reduce pain in the joints caused by gout. In addition, this traditional medicine can be used to facilitate breathing and digestion. This traditional medicine works to clean the accumulation of purines in the blood and in the joints.

2. Rosella flower

Traditional medicine for gout that can be used next is rosella flowers. Rosella flowers can relieve pain in the joints. You can use this flower to be used as a traditional medicine to treat gout.

One of the substances contained is essential protein and also vitamin c. In addition, there are other ingredients such as the amino acid arginine and leginine which have the benefit of being able to rejuvenate the inside of the body's cells.

3. Celery leaves

Then there are celery leaves that you can use as a gout remedy. Celery which is usually used as a complement to cooking can also be used to treat gout naturally without any side effects.

The content of celery leaves includes chlorine, essential fatty acids, inositol, folic acid, zinc, sulfur, vitamin B1 and Vitamin A. To make it, you can take approximately three grams or approximately five celery leaves.

Next, wash it thoroughly. After that boil until the cooking water boils, use 100 cc of water. Then you can strain it and pour it into a glass. After that you can drink it once a day on a regular basis so that the benefits are quickly felt.

4. Soursop leaves

The next natural traditional gout remedy is soursop leaves. Soursop leaves contain high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A.

Where the benefit is to be able to remove toxins or waste in the metabolic process from the body. Soursop leaves also have benefits in reducing pain in the joints.

The benefits of soursop leaf itself can treat gout that you should try. To be consumed, you can take as many as five pieces of soursop leaves. Then after that it is boiled using clean water until it boils. After that you can drink the potion from the water when it is cold. You can do it regularly for one month.

5. Cherry fruit

In treating gout that you are suffering from, try cherries. Cherry fruit contains magnesium, which can be used to treat gout. Besides being able to be used to relieve pain, the content in the form of potassium in cherries can prevent inflammation or inflammation.

In its use you can consume as many as three to seven cherries for each day. There are so many ways to be able to consume it, you can make it as a syrup by boiling the cherries first. Then you can consume it every day.

This natural remedy has been proven to be a powerful remedy for pain relief if you take it regularly every day.

6. Honey

Honey is a very efficacious gout drug. You can mix pineapple with honey to treat gout. The herb is considered efficient to be able to relieve and treat gout.

To be able to make it, you can peel the skin from the pineapple then separate the flesh from the pineapple skin. After that slice the pineapple into parts that are not thick.

Then put it in a blender to juice. And smooth the pineapple until smooth. Next, you can add a cup of cherry juice, then sprinkle it with the ginger and turmeric that you prepared beforehand. Then you can consume it regularly every day so that you can feel the benefits of the herb. You can put it in a glass container, then close it tightly, and can be stored in the refrigerator.

Make sure it doesn't rot easily. You can consume it using honey to make it taste better and also the amount of ginger you can adjust to your liking. These natural remedies can be stored for a period of up to a month in the refrigerator so that you can consume them regularly. If you consume it regularly then you can feel the benefits of this herbal medicine.

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  • M. Norfahrul
    M. Norfahrul 30 April 2021 at 01:51

    bunga rosella itu yg kayak gimana ban, mungkin nanti bisa d cantumkan foto setiap pointnya
    Bdw cara penggunaan bunga rosella itu diapain ?

  • Muhno
    Muhno 30 April 2021 at 03:10

    Ka boleh saran tolong gambarnya biar lebih tau yg kayak mana mananya kadang tau nama gak tau rupanya

  • Mufidah Azzahra
    Mufidah Azzahra 30 April 2021 at 04:09

    Betul bang,, cantumin gambar nya juga kalau bisa

  • Pena Biru✍️
    Pena Biru✍️ 30 April 2021 at 04:34

    Mungkin kebanyakan orang lebih simpel pakek obat yg di jual sih...

    NINDITA 30 April 2021 at 04:57

    Informasi yang bermanfaat

  • elinotes
    elinotes 30 April 2021 at 06:19

    dirumahku banyak daun sirsak, lumayan nih bisa buat obat asam urat

  • Perd.Art
    Perd.Art 30 April 2021 at 08:41

    Asam urat tuh giman sih emang? Nyut nyutan gitu yah di lutut?

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    Berbagi Pengetahuan Resep Makanan Dan Minuman (cobain gratis). Kulinerrassaberbagi.. 30 April 2021 at 09:06

    Sangat bermanfaat kak artikelnya ,mkasih kak buat pengetahuan

  • Ilalang Al Bantani
    Ilalang Al Bantani 30 April 2021 at 09:24

    Inget alm. Bapak yang pernah kena asam urat :'(

  • Ana Bintang
    Ana Bintang 30 April 2021 at 10:03

    sangat bermanfaat

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