Educating Children Since Early Ramadan Fasting Becomes Maximum

Educating Children Since Early Ramadan Fasting Becomes Maximum

Educating Children Fasting Ramadan

This year your child took the early fast? In early fasting, children are usually still getting used to, either with their body condition or with their new routine.

Doctor. Rose Mini Agoes Salim, Meter. Psi, a psychologist who is often called Mrs. Romy, in an Instagram Live Parenting Indonesia activity, Thursday (15/4), said that the most important thing about accompanying children's early fasting is to make the atmosphere fun.

There are some things that parents should stay away from in accompanying children to fast, especially if this is their first fast.

1. Explaining the Abstract

Romy's mother said that children's cognitive growth is still limited. They still cannot process the description of reward or sin.

Therefore, to explain fasting to children, Mrs. Romy recommends a concrete description. For example, if the purpose of fasting is to rest the intestines in the body so that it is healthier.

2. Fear of welcoming Ramadan

Of course, many agree that Ramadan is a busy month for mothers. The reason, Mama has to wake up early in the morning and cook, prepare extra dishes for takjil, and many other things. Many Papas also have a more busy schedule because they are chasing deadlines before the Eid holiday.

However, avoid displaying this anxiety in front of the child. Because, children will want to reflect and can catch your emotions. When parents feel burdened and afraid, children will also feel the same.

3. Banning Children from Activities for Fear of Hunger and Thirst

Romy's mother said that children's self-control is still low.” If he was asked by a friend to run, yes he would run. In conclusion, he is thirsty," he said. However, this does not mean that parents are obliged to forbid them to do their activities.

Tell the child that he needs to protect himself so that he can always fast. So, he must learn to pay close attention to his body over which activities they are safe to do. Parents can also provide an agenda of activities that are suitable for their children so that they can follow them.

4. Scolding your child when you cancel your fast

When children are caught breaking their fast secretly, stay away from scolding them or saying, "Come on, it's a sin, you know, you guys. God will scold later." Because, back to the initial point if the child's cognitive has not been able to process abstract descriptions.

Should ask them the alibi of breaking the fast and explain that they can change it another day.

5. Very Much Relates Children to Preparing Iftar Menus

Wow, Mama can often do it, huh? Participating in preparing the iftar menu is indeed one of the activities that are often recommended to fill time or hang out.

For Mrs. Romy, this is not wrong, really. However, he commented that the thing that often makes children impatient waiting for the time to break their fast or wanting to break their fast is watching their parents prepare the iftar menu long before the Maghrib call to prayer.” Right, they waited all the time. So the children want it," he said. Therefore, Mrs. Romy advised to prevent children from participating too much. Involve him in smaller assignments just before the time of iftar.

6. Very Forcing Full Fasting

This atmosphere wants to make the child so depressed. Parents must always be sensitive to the physical condition of their children. Romy's mother said that before her child fasted, she always went to the doctor to check her physical condition. “My son was very skinny when he was little. Gaining weight is difficult, so fasting he loses a lot," he said. This must be the attention of parents, yes, to explore the doctor's advice too.

7. Give the Lure of Excessive Gifts

For Mrs. Romy, to make a child want to fast, there is no need for an overdue gift. It's good to explain the benefits for them. "The child if he knows something is useful for him, so they want to do it."

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