Dino Park Jawa Timur Park 3, Family Choice Educational Tour in Batu City, East Java


Dino Park Jawa Timur Park 3

Dino Park Jawa Timur Park 3, Family Choice Educational Tour in Batu City, East Java

Dino park is the first and largest Dinosaur theme park in In Indonesia. Besides offering a vaste museum for learning about dinosaurus, Dino park displays hundred of giant species with original size and shape. They are able to move thanks to the latest sensor technology. Explore the 5 ages of Dinosaurus life by riding the train. See the 4 D aquariums, Familly Fun Ride, Dino Action and many other incredible atractions.

Best for families, teenagers, adults, fauna and environment lovers, students.

Main Attractions

Museum Dino

Merdeka Palace replica is one of the new attractions where you can capture the moment and see the structure of Indonesian goverment from each era and famous political figurws here.

Figures - Statue Zone

This is the zone where you can meet your idols from actresses, actors, to important world figures as well.

Winter Snow

Enjoy the coldness of the cherry blossom country i  winter with ice slide ride

Athlethes Statue Zone

Meet your favorite athletes like David Beckham, Mike Tyson and many more from various fields of sports such as basketball, tennis, swimming boxing, football and many more

To Travel Arround the World In One Place

Here you can have a araoud the world vacation just in one day at a time to China, Korea, Netherlands, India and many more. Get the experience of wearing traditional clothes from each country.


Have yourself a good quality time with the Hollywood Bollywood figures and snap some pictures with them. Also, not to forget to walk like an actress or actor on the carpet.

Superheroes Statue Zone

In this zone you can meet superheroes from the marvel and DC Worlds like Superman, Ironman, Thor, Hulk and Wonder Woman and many more. Don't forget to capture your best moments with them.

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