Have a Book of Choices, Your Father's Door of Heaven

Have a Book of Choices, Your Father's Door of Heaven

Being devoted to both parents is a great obligation that a child must fulfill. In fact, the child's devotion is counted as a field of righteous deeds which is of great value to Allah and is because he has opened one of the closest gates of heaven.

This book is a tool that reminds Muslim children, regardless of their age, of the importance of birrul walidain. If we can still serve us, then do it immediately, don't delay it, and don't disobey and waste the opportunities that are still there. Sincere devotion to both parents is one of the shortcuts to enter God's heaven.

What is unique and interesting about this book is that the description is scientific and popular but crisp and full of wisdom. The author reveals the interpretations of verses related to birrul walidain, the narrations in the saheeh hadiths and syarah or brief explanations. The essence and benefits are reviewed in a persuasive and communicative manner. This book is also enriched with stories of Birrul Walidain of the prophets and salaf generations. Trying to invite and guide readers to immediately practice it directly without hesitation.

• ρҽnυlιѕ: Zaki Rakhmawan

• ƭҽɓαl: 214 ʰᵃˡᵃᵐᵃⁿ

• ɓҽɾαƭ: 350 ᵍʳ / sᴄ

• ρҽnҽɾɓιƭ: Bibliography of Imam Ash-Shafi'i

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