Lady Eve Patisserie was founded in 2013

Lady Eve Patisserie was founded in 2013, starting with one product category, namely couverture brownie. Our concept from the start was “Good quality desserts with a unique pairing of flavors and concepts ”. In 2017, Lady Eve Patisserie opened its first outlet in Gading Serpong, with 9 product categories, ranging from gourmet brownies to artisan jams. Lady Eve Patisserie focuses on to always create quality products by promoting creativity.

August 2019, Lady Eve Patisserie released her newest single layer cake product with raw materials typical of Indonesia, namely Tempe. Popular as a savory dish, but not as a dessert. The concept of pairing These flavors combine two different ingredients, Tempe and crème brulee, East and west. Tempe is the main ingredient in the cake, with white chocolate couverture to balance the taste. As a filling, coconut crème brulee functions to give a soft texture with a creamy, savory taste. Then This cake is combined with brown sugar coconut for a distinctive sweet texture and taste. While The decoration on the Tempe Cake is chocolate tuile with a sprinkling of tempeh crackers, for a rustic impression elegant. Tempe cake is available at Lady Eve Patisserie outlets at a price of Rp. 375,000 / whole cake.

Cake Tempe is a tangible form of Lady Eve Patisserie's creative exploration. The combination of ingredients quality raw materials and processing techniques. Tempe also has a high taste flexibility, so easy to mix and match Tempe cake can be a way of introducing culinary diplomacy Indonesian specialties in the form of desserts, without having to stand awkwardly with the taste forced. And our special message to enjoy this cake, "Don't Look For the Tempe Where!" use your sensory, and enjoy every piece.

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