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The university of the state is indeed known to have the quality and the quality of a good education. Things that make prospective students flocked enrolled in the college of his dreams. Even so, there are also university private with the best quality that can't lose with the campus of the state.

Evidenced by the abundance of billionaire jebolan universitas private succeed succeed in in the world career and business. Don't have far to, for example just Lo Kheng Hong, who is touted as the Warren Buffett of his Indonesia.

Lo Kheng Hong, who is a graduate of the private college that is National University, Jakarta is known to ever earn profits invested achieve 12.500 in the year 2011 and it worked pocketing the bladder-bladder wealth to Rp 195,8 billion.

From the journey of living a Lo Kheng Hong can be taken the conclusion that the success of a person is not determined from the type of college that she faced, the good of the state university or university private.

Anyway, now there are many many university private possession of the quality of a good education with affordable fees. So, you don't need to doubt choose university private to extend the study of education you.

The following references University in Tangerang cheap

1.   1. Universtas Tangerang Raya

University of Tangerang Road further referred to by UNTARA maintained by the Body Maintainer of the Foundation of the Indonesian Science and Management Jakarta standing based on the Decision Letter of the Minister of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia Number : 945/M/2020 October 6, 2020. UNTARA is one of the College recommendation of the best places in the District and the City of Tangerang general of the Province of Banten centered in the Comp. Housing Sudirman Beautiful, Jl. Ki Mas Laeng Jl. Syeh Mubarok No. 25, Tigaraksa Kab. Tangerang – Banten. UNTARA have a Program of Study that is already in the admit by the Accreditation Body of the National College (BAN-PT) until you have the Certificate of Accreditation.

UNTARA ready to perform the maintenance of the Education in the field of Economics, Education, engineering and Law to produce Human Resources who are Qualified as well as supporting the development of in particular the uneven distribution in the field of Higher Education. 

It all started with a commitment to the expansion of the quality of Human Resources, UNTARA prepare ourselves to raise the standards of competence of graduates that it takes the World of business, Industry, Education and Government. With powered means and the infrastructure is sufficient, the process of learning a qualified, professional instructors and experienced. A graduate of the UNTARA currently able to compete in the world of work National level, to kemanca country with a career that is glorious.  

With the presence of UNTARA surely be able to increase the wheels of the economy and development as well as be able to support the kapabilitas Regent of the District of Tangerang in the developing civilization of the Community Progress toward Tangerang Prosperous, acceleration of the development of the regional Government, Trade, Industry, and field Services that should surely be coupled by the readiness of the population that owns educational Stratum 1 and stratum 2.  

Marger STKIP SERA and STIE ISM has become the UNIVERSITY of TANGERANG RAYA (UNTARA) which of course can increase the value of the reign of the Regency of Tangerang in particular district Tigaraksa and its surroundings, increasing the figure of the participation of Educators, increase Community which owns the gap of Higher Education in the future.  

When this UNTARA have 1.748 Students mentored instructors 96 teacher (89 Master and 6 Doctors).  

By embedding the standard system assurance of the quality of internal good, embedding system educational METHODS of the TRIANGLE using the approach of multidimensional and promote the close relationship between the teacher, the student and the practitioner. The system of education this mahasisa able to understand the Concept, Idea and Knowledge to Professionalism. UNTARA be the best choice for people who want to extend Education to Pursue the Teaching of High quality, reliable, and trusted. Campus UNTARA accept the registration of a new student from a graduate of the high school/Equal from all majors, as well as students transfer from different majors.  


The Vision And Mission Of The University Of Tangerang Raya

Vision :

Become the University of the Self in expanding the SCIENCE and Superior competitive National” 

Mission :

1.      Maintain educational Independent in the expansion of the SCIENCE and quality;

2.      Hold the Tri Dharma College Mandirisecara the ongoing needs of the district and nationally according to the rules of SCIENCE;

3.      Expand the institutional capacity of the self simultaneously;

4.      Expand partnership with stakeholders within and outside the state as a form of guarantee of the absorption of graduates;



Comp. Housing Sudirman Beautiful, Jl. Ki Mas Laeng Jl. Syeh Mubarok No. 25, Tigaraksa Kab. Tangerang – Banten


· +6285217727686




2.   2. Universitas Islam Syekh Yusuf Tangerang

Universitas Islam Syekh-Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang is College first erected in Tangerang, is a precursor of higher education for the district. As the Name of Sheik Yusuf who immortalized be the name of the University, briefly narrated as follows:

Sheikh Yusuf , is a parson, is at once a fighter and national hero. Born on 3 July 1626 in Lakiung Napier. A father Named Sultan Alaudin the King of Gowa to 14 (1593-1693). Being her mother named Siti Aminah, the Princess of a Groove. At the age of 18 years Syekh Yusuf left the kingdom of Gowa heading to Banten. Once settled in Banten for 5 Years, He went to the land of Yemen to the pursuit of Knowledge after the Order to Sheikh Abi Abdullah. As a young man who is thirsty for knowledge, Sheikh Yusuf later continuing his studies in several cities in the Arab state, much less for 15 Years. For roaming the name of Sheikh Yusuf famous as a scholar who is very wise.

Fame the name of Sheikh Joseph, known by the sultan of Banten, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa. In the Year 1664 Sheikh Yusuf called by Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa to teach the sons and daughters of the Sultan in Banten. Sheikh Yusuf then mate with the princess of the Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa named Syarifah. In the year 1682 the Netherlands stormed Banten. That time Sheikh Yusuf lifted into the duke. When the Sultan of Banten was captured by the Dutch in the year 1680, the struggle against the Dutch case was continued and led by Sheikh Yusuf. The spirit of heroism and persistence of Sheikh Joseph, so much dreaded by the Dutch. Even though that the Dutch continue to strive for capturing Sheikh Yusuf.

The battle between Sheikh Yusuf with a team of Dutch colonial large enough and historic happened at the Mouth of Sungai Citanduy. At that time, a soldier of the Netherlands, Van Happel, disguised as an Arab who carried off the princess of Sheikh Joseph, who was named Asthma and make it as a hostage. Through his daughter's become of it. Hit find out the hiding place of Sheikh Joseph, so it came to pass intense matches that finally because the strength is not comparable had to Sheikh Yusuf to surrender on December 1683. Sheikh Yusuf thrown into Seylon (Sri Langka) is a member of the family and his followers. Where the removal of Sheikh Yusuf continue to fight to expand the eminence of the religion of islam and against the invasion of the Netherlands.

Year 1694 Sheikh Yusuf moved to South Africa with 49 members of the family and his followers. Sheikh Yusuf died in South Africa in the year 1699. His remains to be buried in South Africa, but later transferred the framework to napier and was buried in the county of his birth, in the Village of Lakiung Regency Gowa South Sulawesi, That sekilah the history of the struggle of Sheikh Yusuf.

At watu, Tangerang field of education is still very memperihatinkan. Janganpun have college, the first secondary school was just there in 1951 with a set of SMP Mardi Students which is the forerunner of the prospective founding of SMP Negeri 1 Tangerang. Even before there ever was an idea from the alumni of the Academy of Military Tangerang to establish a College but didn't have time to read.

In conditions like that, the young man Tangerang that will extend his education to a College experience the inconvenience of having to go to the big city outside Tangerang which of course requires a great cost.

With the background the and driven by patriotic enthusiasm, the young man who merged in the Union Action Freshmen(US) pu moved and was finally able to try menggoreskan pena to carve a new history for the district of Tangerang, that pioneered the founding of a college of the first in the history of Tangerang.

The idea of founding a college in Tangerang triggered and stirred by the students of the college in Jakarta are: Muh. Astary, M. Thamrin HR and M.Sanny Iskandar. And the Third person this is referred to as The Founder of Universitas Islam Syekh - Yusuf Tangerang (UNIS Tangerang).

Program Studi


1. The Science Of The Administration Of The Country S1

2. Science Communication S1


1. The Science Of The Law Of S1


1. Education Islamic Religious S1


1. Teknik Industri S1

2. Teknik Kimia S1

3. Techniques Informatika S1

4. Civil Engineering S1


1. Economic Education S1

2. Education English S1


1. Management S1

2. Accounting S1

Postgraduate (Pps)

1. Program Studi Ilmu Administration

- Public Policy S2

- Policy Education S2

-Kebiajakn Business S2

2. Program Studi Ilmu Hukum S2

- Concentration Of Criminal Law S2

- Concentration Law Business S2

3. Program Studi Manajemen S2


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