The cost of Tuition UNIS Tangerang


The cost of Tuition UNIS Tangerang
The cost of Tuition UNIS Tangerang
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The cost of Tuition UNIS Tangerang

Universitas Islam Syekh-Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang as a first college was built in Tangerang 1966 past, as well as pioneered the establishment of the Islamic university in Banten. In addition to having the level of education Bachelor degree (S1), UNIS Tangerang also has a Master of education program (S2), with a cost which can be fairly affordable.

Universitas Islam Syekh-Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang is a Private Higher Education (PTS), which was established in Tangerang. 

On April 14, 1966 Universitas Islam Syekh Yusuf Tangerang stand based on the Decree of the Foundation UNIS Jakarta Number 290-UNIS-XXVII-KPTS-1966.

On November 10, 1966, Universitas Islam Syekh-Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang start of the lecture, which was first unveiled by the Regent of Tangerang Regency H.E. Muhdi with the opening of the Faculty, that is, HESP (Legal, Economic, Social and Political).

"The name of the Universitas Islam Syekh Yusuf is taken from the name of a muslim scholar and a fighter and national hero."

"As for the idea of the establishment of the college in Tangerang coined and initiated by students who study in Jakarta Muh Astary, M. Thamrin HR and M. Sanny Iskandar."


Islamic University Excels In The Field Of Science And Technology In South East Asia The Year 2036


Education to produce graduates who are competent, noble, and competitiveness in south east Asia.

Conducting research that emphasizes local knowledge and national, to produce the publication of scientific papers, books, intellectual property rights, and appropriate technology that are beneficial to the welfare of the community;

Organizing community service by utilizing all resources UNIS to solving problems facing society, industry, and government with the basis of creed, law, and akhlaqul karimah;

Realize the governance of the UNIS that is good and true (good university governance) in the field of academic and non-academic; and all programs of study and institutions UNIS to obtain accreditation superior (A) and the certificate of AUN – QA (Asean University Networking – Quality Assurance)."

The meaning of the symbol UNIS Tangerang :

Frame pentagonal five symbolizes to the five precepts of the Pancasila;

The ball world with the writings of UNIS in the middle symbolizes the universal nature, scientific missions, and authorities UNIS;

Two pieces of the book covered the star symbolizes the characteristic Islamic UNIS, based on the guidance of the Qur'an and Sunnah;

The tower of the mosque with moon stars which emit light symbolizes philosophical UNIS, namely the establishment of the towers of faith and science for the welfare of the people of inner and outer that have a bless of Allah."

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

- The Science Of State Administration

- Science Communication

Faculty Of Law

- The Science Of The Law

Faculty Of Islamic Studies

- Islamic Education

Faculty Of Engineering

- Industrial Engineering

- Chemical Engineering

- Informatics

- Civil Engineering

Faculty of Teacher training and Education Science

- Economic Education

- English Education

Faculty Of Economics

- Management

- Accounting

Graduate Program

- Science Program Administration

Public Policy

Education Policy

Business Policy

- Program To Study Law

Criminal Law Concentration

Concentration In Business Law

- Management Study Program

Reporting from the official website, the cost of tuition at UNIS Tangerang consists of the money of the building, a package of new students, the cost of the CREDITS, and the cost of the BOP. The fee can be paid in cash or installments (two installments or nine installments). Unfortunately, based on its official site, yet there is the latest information about the cost of education UNIS Tangerang. The following is the cost UNIS Tangerang previous academic year.

The cost UNIS Tangerang
Cost Component Cost

Building Gel I : Rp5.000.000

Gel II : Rp5.500.000

Gel III : Rp6.000.000

Gel IV : Rp6.500.000

Gel V : Rp7.000.000

Package New Students Rp700.000

CREDITS first Semester of Classes in the Morning : Rp115.000 per credit

Afternoon Class : Rp140.000 per credit

BOP Morning Class the first Semester of Pend. Economic : Rp3.250.000

Pend. B. English : Rp3.250.000

Engineering (Civil, Chemical, Industrial) : Rp3.750.000

Informatics : Rp3.500.000

BOP Afternoon Classes the first Semester of Pend. Economic : Rp3.500.000

Pend. B. English : Rp3.500.000

Engineering (Civil, Chemical, Industrial) : Rp4.000.000

Informatics : Rp3.750.000


• The above costs to the scheme of two installments.

• The cost of the building and the package the students paid at time of initial registration.

• The cost of BOP and CREDITS paid no later than the Semester UAS I.

For transfer students, an administrative charge Rp750.000. The cost of a semester of college at UNIS Tangerang estimated amounting to Rp4,7 million per semester. College tuition rates have not changed from last year. Prospective students UNIS must fill out the registration form and collect the necessary documents, such as the following.

The terms of the Registration UNIS Tangerang

• Photocopy of diploma latest legalized as much as 2 sheets.

• Pasfoto terbaru ukuran 3 x 4 sebanyak 2 lembar.

• Photocopy of ID card of as much as 2 sheets.

• Police Record certificate (SKCK) 1 sheet.

• Take and pass a written test.

• Pay the registration fee of Rp250.000. The cost of the form is not changed from last year.

For transfer students or transfer the program, in addition to the above requirements, must also include a photocopy of transcript legalized as much as 2 sheets, photocopy of Diploma legalized as much as 3 sheets (of the ladder), a moving letter from the university, are listed in the report PDPT/FORLAP DIKTI, and interview test.

Registration schedule UNIS Tangerang

According to the official brochure of the campus concerned, the registration of new students in UNIS Tangerang performed a total of five waves. Admission in January to February, the registration of the wave II in March to April, the registration of the wave III in May to June, the registration of the wave IV in July to August, and the registration of wave V in September to October every year. 

If You need more information, You can come directly to the public Relations and Marketing on Maulana Yusuf No. 10, Babakan, Tangerang City. In addition, You can call the phone number (021) 5527061, 5527063, mobile phone number 081 1964 and 1966, and email address info@unis.ac.id or humas@unis.ac.id.

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